What were you missing about Bojack Horseman – the popular show on Netflix

Last week Netflix gave all the rumors an authentic face with the confirmation that Bojack Horseman will be back with a new season on September 15th. Fans had been waiting a whole year long to find out whether they will get carried forward to watch their favorite star on the sets of Philbert or not.

The show has an unusual characteristic; obviously because of the common space that gets provided to animals and humans. But strangely that is not what appeals most to the people. The fact that this show is so real and honest about human tendencies– it is easy to connect with the people. As mentioned in a lot of blog articles earlier, animated content was always associated with children and toddler level consumption. One of the reasons why cartoons sell so much is because they get stigmatized by being just meant for kids. Netflix as an online streaming platform has been on the roll to remove that stigma.

Bojack was among the first animated shows along with Rick and Morty, Family guy and F is for Family. To everyone’s surprise, they actually did well among the viewers. Initially, the streaming channel only signed them up for just one season; for obvious reasons but soon they saw the view count touching heights and the rest is present. I the new season Diane and Mr. Peanutbutter will have some reality checks which we need to see how they tackle. Bojack would return on Philbert after his loss at Secretariat. It is a whole new roller coaster that we are going to be on for this new season.

Source: https://www.dreamworksanimation.com

Animation institutes also make it a point to teach students about all the various channels that they can try their hand on for a good career. It is not just limited to studios and films. Do you remember the famous film Boss Baby? Well, after its success in theaters, Netflix started an extended series called Boss Baby: Back to business. It started in 2018 and has been running successfully ever since.

What were you missing out on?

The series is so mind-boggling and interesting that you failed to notice that very simplistic 2D elements make the show what it is. It is no high graphics 3D or stop-motion animation. Everything is very humble and subtle. Well, I wish I could do that with the comparison of the show’s characters but we all know that is a far-fetched story for us.

Another thing is that though it is a dark comedy the sense of humor is not failed by logic. Think about it for a second. Other dark humor series often lack the practical logic behind them. They just keep on blabbering for the sake of audience’s attention. But the true thing about this series is that they take out real-life thoughts that we feel and make us face them. If anyone wants a reality check or hard on face truth about life then Bojack is the right place to go.

It also tells you a lot about the scope of animation courses. Now you know it is not confined within the walls of traditional media. Don’t get me wrong, there is a wave of opportunities that will give you a good figure salary working in studios and films and production. However, if you are thirsty for something unconventional then there is room for that as well. Bojack Horseman and its enthralling success speak itself.

A lot of fans have been pestering the maker regarding why half the characters are humans and some of them are animals who are properly fit to function in society. See, the primary reason is that a lot of humans have tendencies similar to our beloved animals. And to make the animation series a bit out of the box instead of putting characteristics they made fully fledged characters only.

The new season will be up on Netflix on 15th September. Let’s see what new things are in the box this season. Fingers crossed!!


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