Craziest things you must know about the small foot characters

Smaill Foot Image
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Sneak Peek into the making of Small Foot characters

Small foot is an upcoming animated film about a Yeti and his experiences in the Polar region of the world. The film is dated to be released in September but we have already gotten a glimpse of the film with its teaser and obviously the very funny trailer.

Migo is a Yeti who discovers something no other Yeti ever has in the polar region– a human being. His discovery of a creature who has no fur and has small foot would make this film a series of comedy, drama, emotion and obviously some cold region reminisce.

Star Cast Voicing

Big stars like LeBron James and Zendaya are the voice cast for this film. Channing Tatum, Gina Rodriguez and Jimmy Tatro are some other lead actors. With such a diverse cast we can expect a lot of fun and excitement in this film.

While pursuing multimedia courses in Kolkata, you might come across learning this chapter where syncing the lips of the animated characters the right way is very important. It gives the ease for actors to coordinate with and give voice over. Changing voices is not very easy and to excel in that a proper voice syncing is very important.

Character animation

The characters that were animated in this film were primarily drawn on storyboards. It is crazy to know that there were over a hundred different versions of the Yeti drawn. That is one hell of truth syrup that you will need to swallow. Before any character is finally chosen to be ‘the one’; all the suggestions that are presented by the animation artists are taken into consideration if worth the shot.

All that ends well is well! The final Yeti we will be watching on the screens was definitely worth all the hurdles.

Animation is a technique of practice that develops into trial and error. To accumulate the best training in 3D animation, choose Hi-Tech Animation for your future. It is the best animation institute in Kolkata and also gives production studio exposure to its students. No other institute is capable of doing that.

Miniature versions

People who are not associated with the entertainment business do not know about miniature versions of characters. A lot of time because of the girth and size difference of props and characters their miniature versions are created in physical form to check the combination. You cannot really go into animating and creating a film without being sure about the characters.

Would make you want to know animation

No matter how cringe it sounds but it is absolutely true that learning animation would be on the top of your head after you watch this film. The characters are so well portrayed and so well formulated that learning animation is worth the shot. Learn 3D animation courses in Kolkata which will shape your future towards excellence.

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