5 Facts you probably didn’t know about Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs is a latest animated cartoon movie and like any other classic Wes Anderson film it has perks of its own. The film lives up to its promotional teaser. And this time Anderson was both the director and the producer of this film.

This animated film did an unexpectedly good business in not just America but also in Germany. The film was loved there. Indian fans seemed to be welcoming of this film as well. An inspiration for every 3D animation institute this film is definitely a must watch for every art lover.

Isle of dogs images

Here we will present five interesting facts about Isle of Dogs which we are pretty sure you do not know. If you knew any of these already or if you care to add more, then do let us know in the comments below.

  • Stop-motion animation

This was an easy one. Not a lot of stop-motion animation films are made these days and that too in 3D. Isle of Dogs was a great experiment on behalf of Wes Anderson. This is an entirely stop-motion animation film.

  • Animation for adults

The only place where we get to watch animated shows or films for adults is Netflix. The mainstream entertainment media slouches when it comes to making animated films for the young adults or adult generation. But as we know Anderson is known to defy the odds and here is the end result.

  • The set production

Watching an animated film all we think about the characters and their placing is at a post production level. But this film was slightly different. If you take a look at the set size it would blow your mind. Large props were used to design the sets and huge amount of budget was allocated just for that. A more technical overview will be understandable to students pursuing 3D animation courses and therefore it is not worth your time going in details. But you must know that a lot of the scenes you watched in that film was shot in reality and had actual material used.

  • Japanese references

The film is full of hidden Japanese references. Some of them are pretty clear and straightforward. There are references from Japanese art and culture. Some of them are from the architecture that Japanese people put upon and etc. If you watch the film again, then keep in mind to take down these notes.

  • Scope to learn

You might not realize this but Isle of Dogs is an excellent project to learn so many things about animation. As a stop motion film you get to observe about how it functions and so much more. A very significant part of learning at a 3D animation institute is that you observe actual films and derive lessons from that.


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