Funny facts about the movie Sherlock Gnomes

Sherlock Gnomes is a latest animated film directed by John Stevenson. A very controversial sequel of Gnomeo and Juliet this film has taken hearts all across the world with its classic animation very hilarious storyline. Who doesn’t like spy and detective stories? Sherlock Gnomes is just the right thing for everyone to watch. The quality and details of animation was so impressive that animation training institutes are asking its students to observe the technical details and learn from it.

Despite everything it is a happy film and makes people laugh till they cry. So here are just a few funny or crackling up things about the film Sherlock Gnomes. Let’s find out how many did you know beforehand.

  • Spin off truth

A lot of people think that to spice up Sherlock Holmes, this animated series was created. But it is a lesser known fact that Sherlock Gnomes is a spin-off of ‘Gnomeo and Juliet’. This film has derived inspiration from a lot of characters from the above mentioned parody. Though this series has an intact and independent storyline of its own; a lot of the film was meant to be a parody from the very beginning. Top animation institutes are teaching these skills of deriving parody references of animated characters.

  • Johnny Depp’s voice over

This was a comeback on the voice over field by Johnny Depp. This was his first animated film since Rango. Rango was released in 2011. It’s been quite some time since the pirate hit the recording room. Johnny Depp giving the sound for Sherlock Gnomes made it a more watch worthy show than it already was. You will see your favorite Pirate in a completely new avatar this time.

  • Chiwetel Ejiofor was the second choice

Sherlock’s side kick Dr.Watson was earlier to be voiced by Tim Curry. But for very unclear medical reasons he had to back out. That is when Chiwetel Ejiofor came into the front. Honestly speaking we cannot imagine anyone but Ejiofor as our beloved Dr.Watson. One more thing about Dr.Watson in this film was that he was an animated Gnome and had to sound accordingly. Therefore there was no place at all for any kind of mistake whatsoever. All in all the film played out just fine.

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