Famous companies who recruit Animators with handsome salary


The typical stereotype is that if you choose careers as creative professional then you die broke. If you dare to be the sheep among wolves then you won’t be making much money. This couldn’t be further from the truth. This pre-conceived notion is not true anymore.

Animation is a creative career. Being creative with your instincts and designing uniqueness is your bread and butter. Whether traditionally drawing with pencil and paper or using 3D-generated tools, the animator brings each frame of work to life. The animation industry is one of the most lucrative places to find a good job. Just like any other job in the world, animation comes with its own challenges. A person who works in the animation industry needs to be well trained and needs to know his software, techniques and equipments well. Animation courses in India, therefore, always stress on the students learning their basics well.

The pay scale is different for different job profiles. It also varies from company to company. The art Director is the highest paid individual in the entire animation project. An art director has to look over all the other departments, i.e. storyboarding, rigging, modeling and etc. he is the in charge. Everyone else reports to him and it is his final judgment call to pass or trash a design brought to the table.

The phrase ‘seniority equates pay’ is partially true and partially false in the case of animation. Obviously experience counts for something but if you are young and more talented than an older individual you will be valued too.

Hi-Tech Animation Academy in Kolkata is a premium institute which imparts quality education to students wanting to learn animation in Kolkata. Being the only institute in India with a production studio of its own; the top companies in industry choose to recruit from Hi-Tech rather than any other typical institute.

If you study from Hi-Tech then after the completion of your course; a golden opportunity would be provided to you. The best students get a chance to work at Hi-Tech’s production studio. The rest students are also given top class placements among the top companies in the industry. Some of the top companies where students passing out from Hi-Tech work are:

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