Scope of Animation Industry in India


This article is meant to help students who want to pursue a career in animation. Anyone has even the slightest interest in animation or wants to create animated characters needs to read this. If we are to talk about the scope of animation let’s not forget the jaw dropping animation of Life of Pi or the latest Adventures of Tintin. The timeless classics Tom and Jerry and Mickey Mouse created a milestone but the legacy is not disappointing.

Indian animation has risen from an amateur piece of craft like ‘The Banyan Deer’ to the million rupees project ‘Chhota Bheem’. An interesting fact about animation industry is not known to many people. POGO, the leading cartoon channel in India was on the verge of getting bankrupted when the animated series Chhota Bheem was released. It was not long before that it became the most successful entertainment channel for kids.

Indian animation industry is anticipated to grow faster than the IT industry. Working as an animator comes with extreme job satisfaction. You create what you like and get credits for it too. It is a creative career choice with high hopes. The industry has grown to a multibillion net worth standard. In-house projects and international studios are getting all the hands on deck consumed with work.

Therefore the manpower crunch needs to be decreased with animators. There are hundreds and thousands of job opportunities lying around open for animators.

As a result of the growing demand in industry the scope of animation course is tremendous. The magnificent animation courses’ scope has made it easier for aspiring animators to secure a great career.

Just so you know, it takes around 400-500 animators to create an animated film. The number of VFX artists and animators that worked on Baahubali was around 750.

In addition to that large multinational companies like Disney, DreamWorks, Turner, Sony, Sonic, Pixar, Prime Focus and etc outsource work in India. Indian artists have the opportunity to find employment in the top studios around the world. The skill of animators in India with bubbling talent and cheap labor attracts all these big companies.

Hi-Tech Animation offers an industry oriented course with 100% placement assistance. The best talents are absorbed within Hi-Tech’s production studio itself. The rest of the students are placed with calls and interviews till properly placed.


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