Why Hi-Tech Animation can be the best place to learn & earn?

Everything we do in life has a purpose and ambition attached to it. In today’s world every single passion can be transformed into an academic passion. Hi-tech animation is a story of one such daring venture. Here we don’t only teach courses and employ people. The vision is greater than that.

Image guru aur bhole

Hi-tech Animation academy is the best animation institute in Kolkata with a B.Sc degree course in Animation and Multimedia. This three year graduation course is affiliated to MAKAUT (WBUT). Hi-Tech is more than just an institute of animation. Here talent is nourished with production studio exposure. No other institute in this nation gives students this kind of exposure in relation to learning. The best of our students get absorbed in the Hi-Tech production studio itself.

Here you will get 100% creative freedom. The learning doesn’t stop at any point. You will not just be earning but learning a great deal as well. Presently the studio creates content directly for clients like SONY, NICK, CARTOON NETWORK, DISNEY, ABP ANANDA, etc. The list is huge.

The spinal cord of any company is its work ethic and the way employees are treated. At Hi-Tech every opinion is heard and every suggestion is taken note of. Employees feel a part of the company as their work is respected and loyalty is respected.

The most proficient animation institute training in Kolkata is provided here. The curriculum of students is designed in a manner that will be best as per the industry standards. The faculty at this institute is highly experienced and trained. All students receive the most qualitative training in the entire industry. Hi-Tech’s amazing work ethic and collaborations account for stunning resume points. Everyone who graduates from Hi-Tech has a very good weight in his work caricature.

You will not just earn experience and money working and learning here but also abundance of potential in terms of your knowledge. Working is a learning procedure in itself. Students are given to attend regular seminars and lectures from industry experts who give them extracurricular knowledge.

These courses are followed by recruitment training and then finally getting placed among top companies or even better at Hi-Tech animation.

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