Banyan Deer to Baahubali: The Amazing Journey of Indian Animation Industry

The Indian Animation industry is as ancient as the inception of the movie industry. Since Dadasaheb Phalke made Alam Ara, with the first Indian film the era of animation had begun. With moulding paper crafts to kaleidoscopic illusions; animation had already started getting on the nerves of people.

The Banyan Deer

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In 1957, The Banyan Deer made in 1956, a movie studio in Bombay invited a couple of Disney animators to train them. That didn’t go very well but a year later The Banyan Deer came to life. Cartoons might get targeted towards children but the production of the Banyan deer was a milestone for the entire global animation industry. The film based on a Buddhist tale by Jatakas.

We are talking about mid 20th century and back then the practices of animated related films were not very popular. It didn’t take the Indian film industry very long to become a hard-hitting success.

In the recent past, we had seen animated success in cartoon shows like Chhota Bheem, Roll no.21, Motu Patlu and Krishna Aur Balram. The wide popularity of cartoon shows speaks for a forward step that Indian animation industry has been witnessing. In addition to that Saif Ali Khan voicing Roadside Romeo became a huge hit too.

The standardized acceptance of animation content in India is no new thing. The animation industry in India is massively growing generating ROI in billions.

Scope of animation

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Animators are getting more work with CGI and special effects getting used in almost everything that appears in front of a screen. The thing about animation industry is that it is bound to witness expansion given the demand of entertainment content. Animation transformed from a rare form of art to a fully fledged academic career.

Hi-Tech Animation is among the best animation colleges in India offering a 3 yr B.Sc degree in Animation and Multimedia. Recently it launched a new cartoon show names Guru Aur Bhole on Sony YAY and Netflix. The degree affiliated to MAKAUT (WBUT). This university affiliation makes the course’s value genuine and legitimate.


With more investments and greater budget; Indian film industry started increasing their width of animation. Baahubali was a big step for the Indian industry to take. It became the highest grossing film for a very long time. Baahubali used some awesome techniques to portray the background, crowd generation and fight sequences which followed in the film.


Image source: Google

Baahubali used chroma key technique and had had half its budget spent on animation and VFX. It was no shock after we saw the film do so well. The chariots and elephants were all made using animation techniques. Indian film industry has honestly come a long way from making 2D caricatures to 3D Baahubali.

In the coming years, it is bound to grow more and we can see the job vacancies increasing too. Contact Hi-Tech Animation for the best 3D animation course program with a degree.



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