5 Animation movies that cost no less than other Hollywood movies

Who told you the only way to blow a film budget is by flying down to expensive locations around the world and spending it on big sets and makeup? A mind boggling animated sequence would do just fine for a studio’s massive budget.

Not having to buy coffee and hire assistants can also cost a fortune for filmmakers who decide to invest in animated films. Animated films are believed by noobs to be less costly which definitely is not the case. Ashton Kutcher jumping with a balloon or Kevin Hart playing around with stunt cars costs way less than animating Elsa’s frozen castle. Here is a list of the five most expensive animated films of all time.


Some of these movies have crossed the budget of mainstream real-life Hollywood films.

  1. Tangled


Tangled is one of the most expensive animated films ever made. With a massive budget of 260 million USD, the film had made it to the list of most expensive movies ever made. It is the second most spent over film after Pirates of The Caribbean: At World’s End.

Rather than the lavish quality of animation, the time period this film took in order to come to reality costed it so much. A total of six years were invested in the making of this film.


  1. Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3

You know if the phrase worth the wait had a living embodiment then it would be Toy Story 3 (2010). It was the first animated film to cross the 1 billion mark. This record was broken by Frozen which made 1.26 billion USD in theatres. With a satisfying ending, the Toy Story series came to a beautiful end leaving its fans mesmerized with the plot. The film had a total budget of 200 million USD.

A milestone in cinema, the animation techniques used in Toy Story 3 are still taught with the courses of animation in Kolkata.


  1. Cars 2

Cars 2

Cars 2 is the second film in the Cars franchise and was made with a budget of 200 million USD. The film has head scratching potential in terms of animation tricks. Since this animation project revolves around making inanimate objects talk and perform all humanly functions, it is a relatively difficult tangent of animation. Hi-Tech Animation academy in Kolkata has an extensive animation course which involves teaching all the basic as well as complicated aspects of animation.


  1. Finding Dory

Finding dory

The sequel made us wait 13 years there is no way it will be excused from any top list when we talk about animation films. It is quite difficult to animate characters with a floaty surrounding; yet Finding Dory was animated with top class perfection. Hi-Tech Animation institute Kolkata offers you the platform to learn and create animated projects from different backgrounds.



  1. Brave


World’s fifth most expensive animated film took animation to the next level. Pixar’s Brave was a fresh look in the monotony of animated films. A storyline that won hearts became the tale of courage among so many young audiences.

The film had a total budget of 185 million USD.


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