Animation Institute in Kolkata Offering B.Sc degree in Animation & Multimedia


Animation and Multimedia courses offer a very wide spectrum of exposure for everyone associated with it. Animation has become the bone marrow of Multimedia sphere. It is an integral part and parcel of every aspect of industry. All companies regardless of their association to media or not requires skilled designers, animators, web experts and multimedia trained leaders.

Multimedia involves everything from animation, VFX, editing to graphics and web designing. There is no limitation to what all you can achieve with a multimedia course. The entire media and entertainment industry will fall in your laps with a B.Sc degree in Animation and Multimedia.

There is a whole different department for it. The scope has increased three fold of what it was just three years back. Right now we are going through a golden period of multimedia boost.

Which animation training institute in Kolkata should you go for?

Hi-Tech Animation provides the most efficient 3 year B.Sc degree in Animation and Multimedia which is affiliated to MAKAUT (WBUT). This prestigious course will entail all the basic and professional elements of Animation and Multimedia. As a university recognized course, it prepares you fully to face the industry placements with keen sharpness. Hi-Tech Animation provides all its students with 100% placement assistance by the end of each course.

After you have got a B.Sc degree from us we will then have you sit for placement training which gets to sharpen your skills. The best students are absorbed by Hi-Tech Animation’s very own studio and the rest are placed with calls and interviews until and unless placed properly.

Hi-Tech has got a reputation of being the best animation training institute in Kolkata not because of its degree course but also because of the quality that it renders. We have our very own production studio which gives the students adequate exposure and learning alongside their learning.

You can easily find certificate courses in multimedia and animation but to find such a qualitative degree course from such a reputed institution adds to one’s resume.

If you have any remaining queries regarding the course details then feel free to contact us and we will happily assist you all along the way.

All the best!

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