Graduation in multimedia. Get job straight after graduation

Multimedia and Animation courses are very high in demand. The revolution in technology and advancement of academic caricature has got everything upping the game.

Every single professional sector is in requirement of a certain amount of Multimedia and Animation work in it. All companies, firms and institutions today have specialized departments taking care of this part. In addition to that, the growing Media Film and Television industry is another ocean of opportunities for the graduated students in Multimedia and Animation. Find out about B.Sc degree in Multimedia courses in Kolkata.

The work might range from anything to animation, 3D layout, website designing, graphics designing, editing, planning of website layouts etc.

Image source: Google

Career prospects to be a Multimedia developer in Kolkata are skyrocketing as there is a never ending demand for skilled and talented professionals everywhere. The most interesting thing about Multimedia is that this field is growing unexpectedly in Kolkata and all over the nation and is considered to be a well routed path of career to enjoy while working.

In India, one can easily find a high paying job or even work as a freelancer after doing Animation and Multimedia. The scope of becoming a Multimedia Developer in Kolkata has large amount of potential with growing influence among the Animation industry. Hi-Tech Animation offers B.Sc degree in Multimedia course in Kolkata. This course is affiliated to MAKAUT which has huge weight in the industry. Straight after the graduation you can acquire a job among the top companies who recruit from Hi-Tech.


Hi-Tech Animation is the only animation institute in this country with a production studio of its own. No other graduation course in Multimedia and Animation offers studio exposure to its students.

We offer 100% placement assistance with a round of placement training which shapes its students to excel in their professional lives. The thing about learning with Hi-Tech Animation is that your limits are pushed and career prospects are widened with excellent opportunities in hand.

Multimedia is the new up scaling venture in the world of creativity and digitalization. Academically people are also getting highly acquainted with this course and Hi-Tech’s MAKAUT recognized courses help its students get a good platform for their career.

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