How learning animation from Hi-Tech Animation can be a game changer for your career?

Image Source: Pixabay

Animation sure is a very sought after and lucrative career in today’s day and age but why should you pursue it from Hi-Tech Animation? Well after reading this blog you will not want to go anywhere else that is our guarantee.

For two decades, Hi-Tech Animation has withstood as the epitome of excellence and perfection. We do not believe in compromising in any sector that will stand in the way of our students’ learning. The labs and classrooms are fully equipped with desired computers and software. Our staff includes members who have real life experience of working in the post production of films. They have fully committed themselves for the betterment of our students.

Our faculty will never leave leaf unturned while training our students. In addition to this, Hi-Tech Animation has a production studio of its own. No other animation institute in this country has that. It is a fully functional and successful studio. Famous Zee News comic strip, “Excuse Me” is made by Hi-Tech only.

Right now, we are focused on increasing the capacity of our studio from 200 to 1000.

Hi-Tech Animation Academy has always given extreme priority to all our students’ placements. We have a very strong in-house placement system. Our placement coordinator trains all students before they actually sit for placement interviews. Our service extends to keep placing all our students with calls and interviews until and unless they get properly placed. The best are obviously firstly recruited by Hi-Tech in their studio itself.


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