5 benefits you will not get in institutes other than Hi-Tech Animation


Large and functional production studio

What is so great about having a production studio? Well apart from the fact that no other animation institute in India has one of its own it is a pretty big deal. Hi-Tech Animation is the one and only animation institute in this nation with a production studio of its own. It has a capacity of 200 professional and it will expand five-fold within the upcoming year.

Huge numbers of regional and national shows are produced here. The famous animated comic strip “Excuse Me” on Zee News is a Hi-Tech Animation produced show.

In-house placement

Is there any other institute providing in-house placement facility to their students? Hi-Tech gives utmost priority to their students’ placements. We assure 100% placement assistance to all our students. The best students of the class are directly recruited by Hi-Tech in its own production studio.

And as for the rest of the students they are continuously placed with calls and interviews until placed properly or otherwise. Our commitment towards excellent placements is s direct reflection o how serious we are about our students’ future.

Companies recruit from us

Hi-Tech is a real catch for good jobs. All top companies choose to recruit from us rather than going to any other typical institute. Students at Hi-Tech discover better animation courses’ scope. Learning in presence of the production studio gets them better exposure and scope for animation courses.

For best job offers you will not find a place better than Hi-Tech Animation.

Industry oriented learning

The course structure designed at Hi-Tech Animation is quite different and advanced than other institutes. We have crafted our curriculum keeping in mind the industry standards and requirements. All the training, practical and theory classes are prepared with such modules that when you complete your training you will be well prepared to face the animation industry.

Experienced faculty

Hi-Tech Animation has the most dedicated and experienced faculty that you will ever find. They leave no stone unturned for the betterment of their students. Our faculty has real life experience of working in the post production of films. And with this experience they try to mould thee young students into artists who will lead the future of tomorrow.

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