Breaking barriers with Punanimation

Image source: Google

What is Punanimation?

Punanimation is a new directory of women, Trans and non-binary people working with animation and motion graphics. The founders of Punanimation are Bee Grandinetti, Hedvig Alhberg and Linn Fritz. With an extraordinary vision in animation and with the motive to provide everyone with opportunities they started out with this venture.

The founders said that, “Punanimation is an incredible initiative that aims to empower, promote and connect women, trans and non-binary people working in the animation and motion industry, across different platforms.”

The origin of Punanimation was from a small Facebook group in April 2015 which saw unprecedented organic growth. Later the founders started expanding their community and getting more people who are interested in animation and motion graphics. The urge to learn animation and discover more about 3D animation courses was their way to gather a community that supported their dream.

The main promotion factor was that anyone could easily research and have access to the work of this animation industry’s unlimited potential. The lack of diversity and representation in work environments is what prompted the founders to start with the idea of Punanimation in the first place. they wanted the animation industry to be a more diverse and acceptable community where anyone with interest and talent could bring forward their skills without any discrimination and hesitation.

They also sell tote bags and other merch for good fundraising. Currently their primary goal is generating good reach among people and equipping their directory with talented artists from all across the globe for content curation as soon as possible.

Animation courses are an impartial medium so why couldn’t that be for the workplace. This thought got the people together to form this community. At this point they are growing with their Facebook group at a very fast pace. The founders said that they have huge plans for the future of this company and they are willing to spread to every corner of this globe where women and binary community animators are seeking a good platform. They say that eradicating gender gap in the industry altogether is a very farfetched goal but even small steps matter. We cannot wait to see what new surprises Punanimation has for the animation world in the coming years.


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