Comedic Timing in Animation

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Why is Comedic timing important?

Comedy is tough in any medium and it is always all about the timing. Getting the timing right gets the laughs you have been rooting for. On the other hand getting it wrong can mean sympathetic groans at best and that is a major failure. Your animation needs to speak for the ideas, poses, and actions that are easy for the audience to understand. You want them focused on the storytelling unraveling before them, and not trying to figure out what’s happening.

Understand comedic timing better

Take your mind off animation and think about Ross’ comedic timing on Friends. The audience thought it was funny because the puns and his expressions were completely on point. That is the same with animating cartoon characters. Movements tend to be exaggerated in animation, voice acting tends to work the same way. Movement coordination is a bit tricky part but worry not the perfect animation course will straighten that out for you.

It is more than just the animation and character that one looks for. While you are designing a character have a good talk and healthy discussion with the storyboard artist, modeling artist, sketch artist and also the art director. Keeping the personality of the character and how it would react to the comedic situations one should proceed to animate the characters.

To nail comedic timing in animation keep a little suspense to you. Do not give away the expressions in other scenes. Keep it preserved for that moment intact.

Music plays a vital role in creating the overall impact of the scene. The background score is highly affected by the music score provided. The timing of the music is also a factor. When the appropriate scene comes up the music has to find the right timing and jump into the scene. These are technical aspects taught is 3D animation courses.

Hi-Tech’s animation course doesn’t just teach you how to operate the animation software but also teaches you how to successfully animate characters with perfect timing.

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