3 Different job portfolios in gaming

The gaming industry over the years has grown to equip a large number of people who serve different services. The gaming industry employs professionals who are talented and dedicated. The world of gaming is humongous. Gamers work for millions of characters and pixels that integrate to form substantial data which can be operated. In this blog, we have put forward the different job profiles that people opt-in gaming.

Animator/ Animation artist

Image Source: Google

The role of an animator is a pretty much overall venture. They control the movements and character programming of the game. They monitor the platform limitations. They also have to convert artwork in diagrammatic representation to live characters on the screen. Animation courses are the pathway one has to follow to become an animator for video games.


Image Source: Google

The programmer writes all the codes required to make the game. They need to have a good knowledge of computer languages like C and C++. The technical aspect of the game is dealt with this guy and then forwarded to the programming team who work as per his instructions.

Game designer

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This person is the mastermind behind the entire game. He builds the ideas and concepts that should be in the game. He along with his designing team brings forward the entire proposal which gets further attention.

The designer’s responsibility is immensely challenging. He has to communicate the entire concept of the game to the development team and art team.

For all the above portfolios you will require having a good hand of animation and all its specifications. It is suggested that you opt for an animation course or undergo animation training for the best overall knowledge.

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