Some word of advice for new animators

Animator tips
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Starting with your new journey as an animator? Well, the professional world is not going to be quite what you expected. It can be both heaven and hell depending upon how you choose to tackle. Do not get intimidated, this article will give you some hardcore honest advice for your animation career.

This is your shot. You better not blow it up.

Do not make enemies

This is not a hospital where you need to be the best surgeon. This is a creative team and you have to work coordinating with everyone. There is no competition as to who is better and who isn’t. You will need to communicate well with your entire team from time to time and with all the projects.

Keep up with the trends

Animation is all about incoming trends and new happenings. You will need to keep updated with the market trends; in that way your designs will hit the audience. Staying updated in the media business is very important. Definitely your animation training has prepared you for that.

Respect Deadlines

They are called deadlines for a reason. The company runs on a schedule and your boss has to show up at time too. That is why stay ahead on your game and try to ace the deadlines regardless how many all nighters you have to pull.

Find your specialty

Since you are going to be working on various projects now do take out some time and find what you are best at. Your specialty is your signature mark and it definitely gives your work a sense of personal touch.

Communicate well

Being a good animator will need you to understand your clients and their requirements. For this it is your job to interact well with the client and get to know their ideas.

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