Diversification in job roles after completing a course in Animation

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Someone who is passionate about animation and gets to do it for a living must be living their dream. The advent of technology and multimedia world entails for great success. This being the reason the scope of animation courses is also at its peak. So, while you are learning animation, it would be expected of you to choose a field of specialization. Ain’t anybody an octopus with eight arms?

Continue reading to check out the top occupation one can opt after an animation course. These are 3 top professions you can choose after completing 3D animation course in Kolkata.

  1. Art Director

The art director holds the top position in the entire animation team. He has to have good knowledge of all the visual elements. He coordinates and heads the entire animation team. Reaching the position off an art director is an accelerating process.  It takes time; one has to start with a junior position and crawl their way to the top.

Basically it is the art director’s job to make sure everyone else does their job.

  1. Digital Animator

Both 2D and 3D animators can be digital animators. They use computer software and their skills to animate characters, scenes and different sequences. Digital animators have to know all about the different computer software and equipments that are to be used in the production.

  1. Video game designer

Ever played a game and thought how you could edit it better? A video game designer is possible the coolest job that there is. You get to design video games, pitch in your own ideas and then see them getting implemented in games.

Apart from these there are many other job roles you can go for. Some of them are:-

  • Background animator
  • 3D modeler
  • Rigging artist
  • Storyboard artist
  • Editor
  • Layout artist
  • Texture artist
  • Key frame animator
  • Color coordinator

There is an endless sea of opportunities that you can dive into in order to get a good vision of the animation industry. Do not think any more. Click here to find about 3d animation courses in Kolkata.


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