Top 3 animation movies costliest animated movies ever

We aren’t unaware of the humongous expenditure that goes into making a single film. Hollywood films are made under huge budgets of hundreds and thousands million dollars. But did you know that animated movies are no piece of cake either. Animated films require huge manpower and resources which cost heavily. The number of artists who are employed and work tirelessly on a film are no less.

These are top 3 films which costed a fortune to come alive:-


animation movie

The film had an estimated budget of 260 million USD. Circling the classic story of Rapunzel this film had an excellent animation quality. It is a lesser known fact that making an animation movie costs so much partly because studios need to pay the hundreds of people who work on a particular film. Right from storyboarding, art direction, sketching, digital animation etc. it takes a village to complete an animation film.

Toy story 3

animation movie

One of the keys to success is improvement with time. Now the third sequel had to break the glass ceiling and doing something out of the box. This film inspired animation classes all across the world to teach students the production value. Animation classes in Kolkata started focusing more on the   production knowledge of its students so as to make them understand how vast animation can be. This film had an astounding budget of 200 million USD.

Cars 2

animation movie

This 2011 released film too had a very large budget of 200 million USD. What is animation if not inanimate objects talking? After watching Cars 2 even you will start hunting for animation courses in Kolkata. The worldwide earning of this film was almost double of what was invested.

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