Did you know? The concept of animated film “COCO” is based on a Mexican Holiday

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You know how we talk about art and cinema being such a strong medium which erases all differences. In an age where the President of United States talks about deporting all Mexican people; in an age where President Trump acknowledges people of a certain heritage enemy; in such a time of divide came the animated film ‘Coco’.

This musical film was a collaboration of Pixar and Disney. Lee Unkrich, the director of this film developed the idea from a Mexican holiday. The day of the dead (Día de Muertos) is a Mexican holiday that is very religiously preached by the Mexicans and even those people of Mexican heritage living in the United States.

On this day as per mythology, they pay respect to the spiritual journey of those who have passed away. The dead people are paid tribute by their loved ones and by their family and friends. This day is a public holiday in Mexico. This movie has many positive responses by people across the globe. People stood in solidarity with the hard working and efficient Mexicans who were to be deported from USA for no reason at all.

Lee Unkrich with some of the other members of the production visited Mexico for inspiration. Talking about the animation of this film it is an absolute delight to watch it. This rebel film was nominated for the Golden globes and also backed two other awards for best film.

Coco is a very courageous film that is unafraid to show aspects of the Mexican traditions. This film reflects on the culture just the way it is and goes ahead to keep it unaltered. On the other hand it further adds for the experiences that the team had on their trip to Mexico.

It is a very simple, subtle, honest and transparent envision of the Mexican culture and a path breaker in destroying stereotypes that people have built over the years about Mexico.

When you watch this film the set of amazing characters also make you want to be able to design characters of your own. Join the best animation institute in Kolkata to learn from the top artists and get the top class training in this field. Then you will be able to create characters of your choice and straight out of your imagination by just training in an animation academy in Kolkata.

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