Amazing facts about the animation career that will keep you up at night

Did you know that Walt Disney was awarded the honorary Oscar for Snow White and the seven dwarfs? But these are not the kind of facts that we will be dealing with in this article. To begin with an animator creates a series of images and pictures which later is seen in movies and cartoons. An animator specializes with a particular field and software. That is something one becomes particular with in the process of learning.

Some go for storyboarding, sketching, visualizing, rigging and there are other faculties as well. Although, there are certain unknown interesting facts about animation as well.

Could buy you a Ferrari someday

animation job in kolkata

This is not an exaggeration. The animation industry was seen to have an estimated worth of USD 244 billion. In the last decade it has not seen any down low. A career in animation is your highway to success. You can very well progress with time given that your skills improve. It might take time but f you are passionate about something then nothing can stop you from attaining success in animation.

Bring imagination to life

In which other job can you possibly think of bringing your imagination to reality? It is true in this profession. As an animator you get to bring your imaginary world and characters to real life with your talent.

Creative freedom

An animation career might not promise you the Empire states building but it does promise you 100% creative freedom. How often do you hear people in IT saying that they have creative freedom? It is true that you will sometimes have to work as per client’s choice but the creative freedom that you receive is all yours.

Many career options

If you are by any chance under the impression that animation jobs can only land you in cartoons and films then you are wrong. It is true that the highest ROI that animation industry receives is from entertainment sector but you can seek jobs in medical, learning, IT and so many other places as well if you want to.

Kolkata is the creative abode and seeking an animation job in Kolkata is no toughie at all. The wide arena of animation will make you want to become a movie editor in Kolkata right away.


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