Misconceptions people have about choosing animation as a career

institute for animation

Why is animation the future?

It has been a couple of years since the subjects in media and entertainment have become very important. You can see that nowadays hundreds and thousands of people prefer a degree in media sciences rather than going for engineering.

Animation has become a part and parcel of this world. It is used in TV, cartoons, films, web series, advertisements and many more. Soon the animation industry has estimated a growth of 52% in the coming years. Animation courses are very much in demand because of this reason.

Huge job opportunities

The plethora of career opportunities is endless in the field of animation. The animation industry currently requires huge number of animators to work for and the supply is quite less in that regards. People often think that by taking up a course in an institute for animation they might be curtailing their options.

This is not true. The sea of opportunities doesn’t lessen once you take up animation. Every animated film requires almost 400-500 animators. In addition to that big multinational production houses are seeking talent in India all the time.

Hi-Tech animation’ promises

Our institute for animation will give you the platform to learn and opportunity to find a good career. Ours is the only animation institute in the country with its own production studio and we are seeking to expand its capacity five times in the coming years.

After the completion of a course we will offer 100% placement assistance to all our students. The best of the talents are absorbed by us and are given a job right away in our own production studio. We will keep giving you calls and interviews until and unless you land with a proper job.

More reasons to choose animation

Over the past couple of years no other industry has shown such tremendous and rapid growth like that of animation in India. If you have an artistic side or if you wish to do things differently then animation is the right path for you.

Hi-Tech Animation will train you with the best faculty and production house experience as well.

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