Do you know the famous job sector where animators get placements?

It is no secret that animators have huge demand in media and entertainment industry. But do you know this not the only sector where animators can seek jobs from. We are surrounded by the domination animation in our day to day lives.

It is impossible to imagine it without the contribution of animators. Below are listed some of the industries or sectors where an animator can create a career for himself.

  • Production studios/ entertainment business

3d animation job in kolkata

Stating the obvious here. Be it films, cartoons, advertisements or reality television animation is required. Just think of the last advertisement you saw on the television. Had it been possible to make it that way without animation? No, right!

House full theatres in animation movies speak for the success animation creators enjoy working in the post production of animation movies. On an average more than 500 artists are required to just make one animation movie. Now you know of the wide array of opportunities that there are.

  • E-learning

jobs in kolkata

Websites like Meritnation, Byjus are just a few large platforms where learning with graphics is done. In many schools as well as in colleges students are taught with e-learning techniques for better understanding of the concepts.

Just like cartoons create a better impression on children similarly with graphics and animated content students tend to remember the subjects for a longer period of time.

  • Gaming

jobs in kolkata

Who doesn’t like to fiddle with joysticks and play video games? Not just that mobile and PC games require animators too. Just imagine a job where you get to make games all day and get paid for it. Animators in the gaming industry are very much in demand. 100% creative freedom and handsome salary; what more do you need?

  • Mechanical sector

In order to teach the engineers about working of automated parts and other machineries animated short videos are created. In this way a practical 3D view gives them an idea of what they are dealing with in real life.

These were just a couple of examples t show that animation is a very widespread occupation. There are ample number of 2D animation job in Kolkata and even 3D animation job in Kolkata available. Learn from Hi-tech animation and get 100% placement assistance along with in-house placement facility at our own production studio.

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