Do you know? Animation is not just about creating cartoons?

animation training course in Kolkata
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What is the first thing that comes to your minds when I say the word animation? Isn’t it cartoons? It is pretty obvious considering the fact that cartoons are our primary source of animation knowledge. But just so you know the plethora of animation is so much more than that. This blog will tell you how much the skill of animation is required and how much in demand it is.

Where all is it used?

We have all seen the extended use of animation in animated movies, animated series and obviously cartoons. Animated movies are the new money making tool. Producers tend to invest large sum of money on the budget of animated movies.

Other than this advertisements and short entertainment clips in news channels also require animators. Animated content is extremely necessary for the advertising agencies. Think of your favorite ad; it could of a shampoo, a cream, an accessory or anything else. All of it has animation used in it to make it more understandable and easily read to the people.

Even in news channels some entertainment clips to keep the mood light. “Excuse me” is one such show which airs for short durations during the day on Zee News. Hi-Tech animation provides the best animation training course in Kolkata which has its own production studio as well. Hi-Tech is the creator of this show and provides regular animated content from their production studio (in-house).


Digital learning is the future. Websites like Meritnation, Byjus and many more have adapted to e-learning skills for better understanding of students. In order to make the students grasp difficult concepts e-learning with animated content makes it an excellent tool.

Many schools teach complicated science and mathematics topics with efficient animated learning methods.

Medical animation

To make people understand about the physiological and medical explanations of bodily functions this is used. An animated version of the diagrammatic representation will help you get more attention and more clarity.

Some other industries

Forensic labs, architecture projects and mechanical engineering are a couple more fields where animation is used.

So, if you were living with the notion that animation is used only in the media and entertainment industry then wake up my find. An animation course will open job opportunities not just in one department or any one field but numerous others.

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