Top companies where animators are placed by Hi-Tech Animation

animation institutes in Kolkata

Why companies choose Hi-Tech Animation?

In this article we will guide you through irresistible qualities of Hi-Tech being the best animation institute in Kolkata. Hi-Tech animation is one of the leading animation institutes in Kolkata with 14 centers in and around the country. Despite the presence of numerous other animation schools most of the top companies prefer to select candidates from our institutes. These are some reasons why:-

Production studio facility

No other animation institute in the nation has a studio of its own. Being the only institute where the candidates get a good exposure to the world of post production studio while learning makes it an n added advantage for the companies.

So even before you start working we prepare you for the work environment you will be entering in the near future.

Industry linked curriculum

Our curriculum has been very professionally structured by experts of the respective fields making it the best for the students. a lot of thought and effort and gone into developing the course modules in such a manner so as that candidates learn to make the best of their potential and rise as successful artists by the end of the course.

This animation institute in Kolkata has a top to bottom revised curriculum that you trust upon for your bright future like many other have in the past.

Name of some companies

Just to give you an insight these are some of the top companies where students from Hi-tech animation got placed. Balaji, Lewis Berger, Ezone, Edit FX studios, MPC, Prime Focus, Red Chillies Entertainment, Zee Bangla, Digital Googly, DQ and so many more. Go check our website to see all the names.

The field of animation and VFX has expanded vastly and are one of the fastest growing industries in the entertainment world. It is an excellent time to be the part of the best animation institute in Kolkata.

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